Most of Queensland is temperate, undergoing four distinct seasons in a year. While the orks and elves use a lunar system, the Western races have developed a codified calendar.

The year is 344 days long, with four 86 day seasons. Each of these is divided into two halves: Rising Winter, Falling Winter, Rising Spring, Falling Spring, etc. The new year starts on the winter solstice [the last day of Falling Autumn], and can also be divided into 43 eight day weeks.

The days of the week are Firstday, Seconday, etc.

The year is also nearly twelve 29 day lunar cycles long, though this is of little interest to Westerners, save sailors, farmers, and astronomers.

The founding of the Empire of Kimbren serves as the start of the current year counting scheme, 1YE [first Year of Empire]. The current year is 898YE.

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