The dwarves originated in the hill country to the north and west of Kimbren. Over generations, the dwarves grew more and more reliant upon trade with their neighbors, the humans, the eladrin, and the halflings, and became specialized in their stereotypical roles, of miners, warriors, and smiths rather than terrace farmers, shepherds, brewers, and so forth. At the moment, the dwarven kingdoms exist as client states of Kimbren, with reasonable independence when it comes to local affairs.

In the Old World, dwarves are found not only in their ancestral mountains, but also in all but the most isolated villages and towns, and in any profession. Centuries of interaction with humans has led to significant population of half-dwarves as well, who are typically also welcome in any community, if only because of their formidable stature.

With opportunities for fortune in Queensland, many dwarves made their way to the New World, and can likewise be found in any Western lands.

Dwarves can also be found in the utopian, isolationist settlement of Copperhold, where, under Okri Copperbottom’s guidance, dwarves have attempted to reclaim their ancient heritage.

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