race relations

The interaction of the various races in Queensland is, clearly, complex. Within any given group there will be a variety of different viewpoints. Some people are egalitarian, while others are unabashed bigots. There are certain general currents of feeling, however.

The most strained relationship exists between the elves and the West. Each side values the trade brought by the other, however the settling of a third of their ancestral lands still rankles elves with long memories. Typically, elven tribes with friendly outlooks on the settlers have excellent trade relationships, whereas those who would like to see the Westerners pushed back into the sea do not. Within the elven Council, neither faction has the upper hand.

In the Orkish Plains, only a small portion of land has been settled by the faithful from the Garden. The communities along the Emerald River consist of orks and humans in equal measure, the humans looking for land and converts, and the orks looking for the prosperity of a sedentary lifestyle. Samovar, the greatest of the ork Panjandrums, has given his tacit approval of the humans and their goods.

Intermarriage between humans and elves, eladrin, orks, and dwarves is common in areas where these peoples mix. In general, so long as the union will bear offspring, it is acceptable to the Church. Some traditionalists may lament the perceived dilution of their race and the growing population of “mongrels”.

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race relations

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